We are celebrating because Caring Is Giving LLC has been awarded by Arise Virtual Solution as a GOLD tier Premier Partner as of June 2017.


Because we have an awesome quality team!
We cannot wait until you let us know your business is also a GOLD Premier Partner.
There's enough business for everyone.
We want you to succeed!


Are you interested in expanding your call center and don't know where to start? Are you a new CSP ready to venture into the business world of being an IBO? Are you a current IBO and can't figure out how to recruit? Are you looking for new clients, new agents, and marketing strategies?

We have you covered!

Caring Is Giving LLC provides a Mentorship Program
via slide presentation and Zoom video conference.

Regular Mentorship Program ($149):
4 sessions/ 4 days / 1-hour per session
Complimentary coaching after the program

Express Mentorship Program ($229):
2 sessions/ 2 days / 4-hours per session
Complimentary coaching after the program

Turbo Mentorship Program ($289):

1 session / 1 day / 4-hour session
Complimentary coaching after the program

Payment via Cash App or Zelle

All funds are non-refundable; sales are final.

Mentorship Program