Caring Is Giving LLC is a virtual mini-calling center. Since its establishment in March 2009 it has evolved into something beautiful. But you may be wondering how it all began….

December 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, not once but again in 2010 & 2014 which resulted in a double mastectomy. As you know cancer is not only a physical but a mental fight of positivity and spirituality.

GIVING back became an awesome medicine for my mind and soul. As well as providing a means for me to financially contribute to our family. Best of all, it allowed me to work from home despite the fall-out of the diagnosis and treatments.

As of 2013 the wheels-of-change took place when I officially joined partnership with Arise. This work is for individuals with strong work ethics. Caring Is Giving delivers a powerful business-punch with its strong team of agents.

Honestly, it sounds simple but it is not a job for the timid or for those easily discouraged. This is an opportunity for single, married, at-home moms, retired, veterans, those tired of corporate America or those disabled by cancer and/or the like to be professionally trained to become customer service [agents] professionals and to earn the income you rightfully deserve and need.

Caring enough to give you the work & the quality time you need at home